Friday, December 4, 2009

My Word Cleanse

My silence is related not to the busy holidays, but to my accomplishment of writing over 50,000 words in the month of November. I did it. I had never met NaNoWriMo until November 1st, but I am grateful. So grateful, that I made my donation, ordered a travel mug, AND grabbed up a winner t-shirt before they sold out. The guy said to hurry, that they were going to sell out. Then I noticed they still had t-shirts left over from the previous years. Hmmm. Nothing worse than a marketing professional (me) falling for a marketing ploy. It was for a good cause, so no hard feelings. Of course now I'm thinking I probably didn't need to rush for that credit card, pry it out of my pleading husband's tightly clenched fingers, and announce to the kids there would be a few less presents this year because Mama was going online NaNoWriMo shopping. No, not necessary at all.

So, the big looming question is whether or not I'm now going to focus on novels instead of picture books. I'm thinking not. At least not in a big way.

So why did I do it? Because my picture book voice was feeling flat. My ideas were running dry. My children won't be away at college for another nine years. My Mother in Law is dying, but not dead. Let's just say I am still needed around here and no one is cutting me any breaks. And so I fell into some unhealthy habits. I'd been forgetting to take my daily recommended allowance of writing. My word counts had slowed. Some days they stopped altogether.

The NaNoWriMo approach worked. It was like taking a big word enema. The pipes are clear, and the ideas are flowing. Life is good once more. All because I forced 50,000 unwilling hi-fiber words from my body during one of the most difficult times in my life. I came through it lighter, happier, more productive from the effort.

I now see that going back to a healthy daily dose of words will prevent me from having to take such drastic measures in the future. 

I am committed to sticking to my recommended daily allowance of writing. Just know I'll be doing it while sipping coffee from my new NaNoWriMo travel mug - and I'll be wearing my Winner T-shirt with loads of pride and absolutely no guilt.